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Kanile'a P-1 Solid Hawaiian Koa Tenor Pineapple Ukulele w/Gigbag #22861

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In 2019 Kanile'a unveiled their first pineapple ukulele - the 2019 platinum pineapple tenor was a triumph anyway you look at it. A ukulele that sounded as good as the very best ukuleles Kanile'a had produced and made of the kind of master grade koa that Kanile'a seemingly have in abundance.

The exceptionally large price tag (as you would expect from a flagship platinum model) did put this ukulele out of the reach of many players. It felt like we spent most of 2019 fielding questions from tenor ukulele players that wanted a piece of Kanile'a's new pineapple shape... You can understand why!

Fans of pineapple ukuleles have waited years for the large Hawaiian ukulele manufacturers to put more emphasis on the pineapple style of ukulele because nothing else sings, rings or sustains quite the same as this rounder more humble member of the uke family.

As the sun sets on 2019 and we move into 2020 Kanile'a have listened to your requests and launched a standard line of pineapple tenor ukuleles known as the P-1.

The P-1 is much like a Kanile'a K-1 model. Available in various grades of koa, the pineapple lets the wood do all the talking with minimal body inlays, fretboard details or bindings and instead these ukes feature Kanile'a's custom pineapple headstock logo with matching detail on the bag the instrument comes with.

The upgraded gold geared tuners that weigh nothing but somehow manage to serve this instrument extremely well. The headstock is slightly larger than a normal K-1 but balances perfectly, if not slightly better than a normal tenor ukulele. The revised TRU-R bracing system inside allows the top and body of the Ukulele to resonate more naturally with minimal contact between the braces and the top and on every one of these pineapples, I have felt the deeper notes resonate against my body as I play...

Kanile'a have nailed it. The tenor pineapple is going places in the coming years and I can't help but feel like the future starts here with the P-1 model.

Solid koa body
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
South American mahogany neck
38mm Nut width
Graphtech nut and saddle
Kanile'a gold geared tuners
UV high gloss body with a satin neck
Comes with Kanile'a deluxe padded gigbag (w/pineapple logo)